Residential & Commercial Pest Control

About Us

Cimix is a science-based pest control company that uses integrated pest solutions to serve our clients needs. We have advanced education in entomology which allows us to use the insect’s biology and behavior against them to gain complete control.

Other companies use a ‘spray and pray’ method of control. Hoping that their pesticide of choice will get the job done. They have no real knowledge of the pests they are after and therefor have no understanding of what, where, and how to apply certain products to get the proper control of the pest in question.

At Cimix, we start out with a proper inspection and identification. These are the two hallmarks of any good pest operator. Without these initial staples, you are merely relying on luck to gain control. We then use multiple control tactics to ensure that 1) pest populations are eliminated, 2) risks to people, other non-target organisms, and the environment are minimized, and 3) pest control is practical and economical.