Residential & Commercial Pest Control



Whether you have a restaurant, hotel, retail center, or an office building, having a pest problem can be devastating to your business. In the modern times in which we live, a cell phone camera can upload a pest sighting to social media in the blink of an eye and your business could be on the unfortunate end. Don’t let this happen to your business.

We offer very detailed inspection and pest elimination services for a variety of commercial accounts. Unlike our national competitors, we also offer a greater spectrum of pests on our general agreement. There is no charging extra for common ants, crickets, silverfish, spiders etc. Unlike most of our other competitors, we also cover all rodents in our general agreement at no extra charge! We do this at an economical price because we are confident that our proven program will continue to result in the fewest call backs of any commercial pest control company in West Texas.


Your home is your space where you and your family should be able to come together and relax and not have to worry about pests invading. Unfortunately, our climate and area make that a difficult task. Various invading insects and rodents can come in from the exterior while others such as bed bugs, german cockroaches, and fleas can be easily transported in from humans, packages, and pets.

Cimix can treat your property to prevent any pests that pressure your home from the exterior and can quickly eliminate any pests that might have been transported in. We do this with products that are safe and are applied in a manner that is completely safe to your family and pets.

No matter what type of pest problem your home has, Cimix has the solution!


Termites can be devastating to a structure. They are elusive and not readily noticed by the untrained eye but can completely destroy a home or building in rapid time. There are different species of termites and they have different methods of control. Having a professional inspect your structure to properly identify your problem is necessary for proper elimination.

In the past, pest control companies would come in and trench your foundation and drill holes through various surfaces causing quite a bit of damage. Luckily times have changed and so has the science behind termite control. There is no need to damage your property in an abrasive manner to eradicate termites.

Modern termite control can be preventive as well. With monitoring devices, we can see a problem before it arises. All with very safe technology that doesn’t harm your family and pets and causes no destruction to your property.

Cimix uses the same technology that is used to protect such places as The White House, The Alamo, and The Statue of Liberty. Our methods are backed by the most strenuous research in the industry and have no equal.